Revolutionize The Way You Compete
Omnichannel B2B commerce platform for manufacturers & distributors
  • Connect and Collaborate
  • Communicate face to face with peers
  • Check the activities in the field instantly through feeds. In case you need more information about captured data, start a video call with any representative. Just add more peers to the call and start video conferences to act faster.
  • Monitor all activities in the field over the map instantly
  • Respond fast to competition by continuously monitoring visits’ whereabouts. See your team’s overall performance at a glance over the map. View geo-tagged digital content as they are captured in the field.
  • Be Predictive
  • Boost performance with real time business insights
  • Discover all data in different perspectives through intelligent dashboards. View real time data with trend analysis, sales and target realizations, representative performance and overall profitability in your organization. Create your own dashboards to visualize data the way you want.
  • Offer order suggestions with respect to customer purchase behaviour
  • Display order suggestions in visits with respect to customer’s previous purchase data. Let your team see sales forecasts for corresponding assortment list in your customers. Compare suggested vs realized sales to address your customer base more efficiently.
  • React Fast
  • Get live feeds from field, monitor and respond to competitor activities quickly
  • Look closely at your market by monitoring what your competitors are doing in the field. Analyze your competitors through live feeds from customer visits. Sustain a superior performance by accessing and responding fast to competitor activities.
  • Design, customize and execute promotions instantly
  • Promote your products in the field by creating incentives for your customers. Design sales promotions, quantity and cash discounts and offer them to customers with respect to several parameters and rules. Analyze the impact of sales promotions through self-service dashboards.
Market Presence
  • Reinforce Your Brand
  • Track competition and execute promotions on the fly
  • Focus on your market and keep track of your competitors’ activities in the field. Let your representatives view and execute product incentives during order taking. Increase order quality by offering right set of products to the targeted set of customers.
  • Display digital selling materials (videos, catalogues etc)
  • Easily distribute digital materials to the field and let your representatives present them to customers during their visits. Use unlimited capacity to share your product catalogs, promotional product videos or any digital content to increase customer awareness. See where and when your selling materials are used in the field through feeds.
  • Become More Visible
  • Get any data through mobile forms designed for your needs
  • Create mobile forms according to your company’s needs. Gather relevant data from the field by customizing forms for each customer or a segment of customers. Define rules for your forms to ensure data collection at the right time, frequency and detail.
  • Track planogram compliance through shelf photos and videos
  • Take photos and videos of shelf planograms to track how your own and competitor products are represented in the field over time. Implement and maintain planograms by sharing planogram visuals with your team and your customers.
  • Boost coverage & penetration
  • Define route coverage and monitor route deviations
  • Define daily visit plans for your representatives and ensure route compliance by monitoring visits in the field. Let your team see nearby customers defined in their routes to better plan their activities. Instantly update routes to cover potential customers.
  • Check product distribution through self-service dashboards
  • Collect product availability and out of stock data according to assortments lists defined for your customers. Analyze product distribution metrics through business intelligence platform. Instantly update the list of suggested and prioritized products in the field.
  • Realize Customer's Potential
  • Suggest orders to your team according to purchase behaviour
  • Forecast sales automatically with respect to both the visited customer’s and other similar customer’s past performance and purchase behaviors. Monitor suggested order realizations for each customer and representative through self-service dashboards.
  • Show nearby customers and create new leads
  • Let your representatives create new leads in the field. Categorize and add new leads to your existing customer segments and assign new leads to representatives by updating route plans. Allow your representatives to see nearby customers to better plan their daily activities.
  • Increase Order Quality
  • Offer right product mix at right customer with distribution lists
  • Define the list of products that you want to offer in each customer segment according to respective needs. Save time during order taking by tagging and categorizing the products in distribution lists. Check product availability and forecast product sales with respect to correct list of products that can be sold in visited customer.
  • Analyze reasons for unproductive visits
  • Keep track of productive and unproductive visits performed by your representatives. Collect and categorize reasons for unproductive visits and take necessary actions to increase productivity. Let your team give feedbacks about customers and products to better understand your market conditions.
  • Optimize Inventory Turnover
  • Offer prioritized products to your customers
  • Monitor your inventory levels and prioritize products in order taking steps. Highlight your new products and get your representatives involved in new product launches. Make it easy for your customers to learn more about your prioritized products by sharing product videos.
  • Check stock, price, shelf share, out of stock data during visits
  • Collect DPSM (distribution, pricing, shelving and merchandising) data by creating mobile forms. Check product availability, shelf share and competitor activities in each visit. Monitor product availability and price fluctuations through self-service dashboards.
  • Define
  • Key performance indicators for your business
  • Use key performance indicators in order to measure your representatives’ effectiveness. Let your representatives monitor their own performance indicators through mobile dashboards in their devices.
  • Set
  • Sales targets for your team
  • Set sales targets and share these targets with your representatives. Update targets with respect to sales forecasts and past sales over time to increase team motivation.
  • Evaluate
  • Realizations for success
  • Continuously analyze target vs realizations through business intelligence platform. Take necessary actions to boost team performance in the field.