Frequently Asked Questions

You can find additional details about Repzone here. Please contact us if you have any more questions.

Does the system operate on iOS and Android?

Yes, Repzone mobile applications work online and offline on tablet and mobile devices with iOS and Android infrastructures.
Yes, the system is cloud-based on Microsoft Azure.
No, there is no extra hosting fee on Repzone platform.
Yes, you can enter all kinds of data via mobile forms that will be specially designed for your needs, as well as sending videos and photos related to this data. Apart from these data, you can send all the content you want to share with visual and video support and collect them in the center.
Yes, Repzone platform works both online and offline to increase the efficiency of field teams. (In areas where GSM access is not available, all transactions related to mobile forms are done offline. When GSM access is provided, it is automatically sent to the center.)
No, there are no restrictions on integration. ERP systems used by the company can be integrated. In addition, data obtained from 3rd party software can be gathered on Repzone platform through integrations.
Yes, the system is designed for central users over the web. It can be used effectively on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) on Android and iOS for teams working in the field.
Digital content sharing is the sharing of digital content such as presentations, product catalogs, commercials, etc. via mobile devices during the visits of your representatives working in the field. These contents can be applied based on customer and regional breakdowns.
Yes, there is. Your teams working in the field can message individually or collectively (region- based). Your messages on Repzone are encrypted end-to-end and cannot be used by those who do not have access to the system.
Yes, you can analyze all the data collected on Repzone platform through the business intelligence platform with map-based, graphical, and dynamic reports. You can send the standard dashboard reports to people you have specified via e-mail.
Global POS Data Collection is a solution that collects sales data (invoice, order, stock) of distributors of companies with sales and distribution channels (manufacturer or distributor) directly from commercial packages used by dealers and/or through different integration software, instead of declaration-based notifications.
It includes integrators that transfer the data to be determined by the manufacturer from the commercial packages (ERP) used by the distributors and transfer them to the central business intelligence platform, and business intelligence applications that enable all data collected according to the centrally defined product, customer, and vendor hierarchies to be analyzed in the standards and appearance to be determined by the manufacturer.
Repzone platform can be integrated with all 3rd party software and commercial platforms available in the market. Integration time varies according to the table structure of the package program.
The system is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Compatibility details for Microsoft Azure can be seen here:
Repzone runs on Microsoft Azure and uses Microsoft Azure as a service. (SQL, Redis Cache, Notification Hub, application services, etc.) For detailed information about service level and uptime guarantees for Microsoft Azure, please visit: us/support/legal /sla/
Yes, it has been certified to ISO 27001:2013 standards both in Turkey and in the United States of America. You can view the detailed information on our website.
Yes. You can perform your store audits through dynamic forms and photos, videos, and signature-supported data collected by your representatives from the field. You can automatically create your digital archive with the data collected from the field.
Yes, you can perform all your invoicing processes on Repzone platform according to your customers' e-invoice usage status and automatically transfer them to your contracted e- transformation company system.
Yes, you can organize surveys consisting of both content and visual data with the mobile survey form that you will create in line with the criteria you set on the platform. You can perform scoring and reporting processes related to these surveys.