5 Tips to Boost Your Team Management in B2B Sales

5 Tips to Boost Your Team Management in B2B Sales

Businesses that focus on B2B sales have it different when it comes to team management due to their multi-locational nature. Compared to managing an office-based team, B2B sales have many aspects to consider while managing: field teams, office teams, sales funnels, shipping, and more. In this article, we are going to give some viable tips on better team management in B2B sales.


Make Sure Everyone’s Up To Date

One of the biggest challenges in managing multi-locational teams is the lack of communication that it leads to. As teams get more crowded, the challenge only grows, making it nearly impossible to keep track of “who did what?” If you’re in the B2B sales arena, you must have known that phone calls and regular sales & customer reports lose their consistency in the long run, turning the workflow into chaos. Fortunately, omnichannel B2B commerce platforms come to the rescue, including every team member into the management process. 


With an end-to-end B2B sales platform, each representative can update every little detail of their sales process, team managers can create & track workflows, and even customers can get into the process thanks to the omnichannel nature of the platforms. In the end, all the data considering every representative stays up to date, making it effortless to keep track and stay informed about the whole process.

Set Clear Routes for Better Time Management

Almost half of the working hours of field teams is spent on the road or route planning and managers spend approximately 4,5 hours only on scheduling routes. When you add the unnecessary time spent on traffic, you  save a lot more. Using a route planner saves managers a lot of time and trouble and creates the most optimal routes to reach better goals and save time.


Location-Based Tracking Improves Work Efficiency

Tracking employees via GPS may seem extreme for some cases, but on the B2B sales front, it enhances the team efficiency. Being able to know which field member is on which sales call gives a better understanding to managers, and encourages field representatives to have more viable sessions with clients.

Have a Clear Calendar

Another time-consuming challenge for field managers is scheduling every representative’s workflow, and doing it manually usually doesn’t bring out the best case scenarios. With a B2B commerce platform that lets managers see every employees’ availability with details makes things a lot easier for managers, and thankfully, today with the help of AI, B2B commerce platforms can automatically schedule appointments in the most efficient way possible.

Give Accurate Feedbacks

A functioning field operation relies on feedback that enhances the quality of the service that each representative provides, and in order to give accurate feedback, team managers need to have detailed information about each employee’s performance. The best way to reach this point is to include an end-to-end commerce platform that tracks every move of team members and gives detailed reports at the end of each task. 

Repzone is Here to Streamline Your Field Operations

Repzone is an end-to-end B2B commerce platform that joins every step of a sales process with a cloud-based, multi-user interface, so it tracks every process of each representative, helps create streamlined sales funnels, and brings out detailed reports. Check our features to explore end-to-end sales capabilities of Repzone, or order a demo to see what difference it makes.


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