Disrupt the Status Quo with End-to-End Cloud-Based B2B Commerce Platform Where You Can Manage It All

Disrupt the Status Quo with End-to-End Cloud-Based B2B Commerce Platform Where You Can Manage It All

Business to business commerce has always had its own rules compared to the markets that focus on end-consumers, and streamlining sales processes with the help of digital tools has been no exception. For years, various tools that join the workflow of the sales teams have been developed, and thanks to them, we got to achieve a more streamlined B2B sales workflow that we are finally used to today. But in the majority of the cases, different tools for different tasks have been the way to go, creating some new problems for sales teams to deal with. Different tools led to a miscommunication in the sales processes to arise, which led to miscommunication between teams. Plus, handling each process via standalone tools had a major, ever-growing disadvantage: costs. 

Well, it may look like a bleak picture, but there’s no doubt that the B2B sales industry owes a lot to the B2B sales tools of any kind, and the good news is that today, there’s an option that lets you manage every workflow in one place: end-to-end B2B commerce platforms. Speaking from experience, we can safely say that end-to-end B2B ecommerce platforms save a lot of time, human resources, and money for many industry-leading companies, including our clients such as Henkel, British American Tobacco, and Johnson & Johnson. 

End-to-End, Cloud-Based B2B Commerce Platform: One Tool to Manage Every Workflow

When we say end-to-end, we really mean it, and we built Repzone accordingly. With our platform, you can manage every workflow, team, team member, routes, gather every piece of useful data manually & automatically, and create detailed reports that help you evaluate your human resources and sales in the best way possible. Here are few of the most popular features that you get with Repzone End-to-End, Cloud-Based B2B Commerce Platform.

Manage Teams & Workflows

One of the first steps in a classic sales process is to appoint tasks to representatives. With an end-to-end platform, you begin your sales journey the easiest way, and on top of that, track each process of each representative, make live updates, track attendance, set up efficient routes, and even manage leaves. All in the same place. But the process doesn’t end there, so we’ve added what comes next to Repzone as well.

Retail Execution at Its Best

Sales is a two-way process, and ignoring the customer front would be a giant mistake. With Repzone, you keep track of every element on the customer front. With Global POS data collection, you always keep up to date with the sales and stock information of each customer automatically, conduct surveys and perform promotion compliances, and even make presentations using one single tool. In the end, the whole process happens on the same platform, letting you capture the bigger picture.

Key to Data-Driven Success

B2B sales is a complicated, tangled process that has many variables, steps, and ups & downs, and according to hundreds of surveys, reports, and industry leader opinions, going data-driven is the best thing that companies can do to reach their limits. That’s where end-to-end platforms work the best as they let teams manage every workflow on a single platform, gathering all the data possible, analyzing them, and bringing out useful reports in the end. 

Repzone, unlike other platforms that label themselves as “end-to-end” takes the game on a higher level. See what more you can do with Repzone visiting our website or order a demo to see for yourself.

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