Digitalizing Field Operations is Easier and More Profitable than You Think

Digitalizing Field Operations is Easier and More Profitable than You Think

Once again, B2B sales is on the verge of a massive transformation, but this time it’s more exciting than ever! The Industry has been taking advantage of the digitalization trend for more than a decade now, with the use of field management software. Today, industry leaders are searching for new, cloud-based solutions that can handle the whole process. Here at Repzone, we are constantly developing our B2B omnichannel sales platform to meet the demand of next-gen, end-to-end B2B sales operations. To be frank, our platform handles it all, back-to-back!

The Outcomes of Digitalizing Field Operations Exceed Expectations

The advantages of streamlining the B2B sales operations with an end-to-end platform only grow. Managing field operations from a single hub from the beginning to the end of the process gives us more steps to integrate on the same hub every day. McKinsey’s report on field operations management on a digital level reveals many advantages, but speaking as experts, there are even more pros of going digital in today’s world.


Source: McKinsey & Company


McKinsey’s detailed piece on the new technologies and their impacts on B2B field operations states that adopting the new-age, digitalized business model leads to 10-40% drop on operation costs, 20-30% productivity improvement, 5-20% unnecessary visit elimination, and 5-30% savings on travel time.


This report reveals a hopeful future for businesses that adopt the digital operation model. Repzone is solid proof that it’s more useful and profitable. Our platform streamlines the whole B2B sales process on a cloud-based platform. Here’s how it adds value on field operations:


Mobile CRM for more efficient sales calls

Repzone’s omnichannel nature lets both managers, and on-field, and off-field teams take advantage of all the features via mobile or desktop. In addition to advanced CRM features, Repzone lets field teams carry all the necessary info and documents with them to perform live presentations, access catalogues and promotions, and take quick action with customers. Mobile CRM also lets representatives perform quick surveys to collect more valuable data on the field.


Route planning for visit efficiency

Route planners are one of the most trendy softwares in B2B sales management, and that’s for a good reason. Route planning saves SMBs up to 20 hours per week. When you add the reduction in gas and maintenance costs, it is even more profitable. With Repzone, you don’t have to pay any extra money for standalone route planning software, it’s all integrated into the process! 


Better data collection leads to increased customer satisfaction

The fact that Repzone is involved in the whole process, including e-commerce, sales calls, returning sales and more, means that you can gather viable data to be analyzed for the sake of the business and your customers. McKinsey’s report states that large-scale customer data analysis leads to 5-15 percent increase in sales, and 20-40 percent increase in customer satisfaction.

Repzone streamlines more than just field operations. See what more you can do with Repzone’s end-to-end omnichannel B2B commerce platform by giving it a try.

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