How to Streamline Merchandising Operations in B2B Sales

How to Streamline Merchandising Operations in B2B Sales

Merchandising has always been one of the heaviest tasks for businesses, whether they are on a B2B or B2C level. Thankfully, with advancement after advancement in AI technologies, we see a brighter future for retail merchandising, but for the perfectly seamless, futuristic operation, there are still some ways to go. Still, jumping on the train is essential. Today, there are many softwares and tools that help ease the merchandising process on many levels including stock tracking, order tracking, field service management, and retail execution—and we are proud to say that we offer all and more on one single platform!

Gather Real-Time Data From Every Level

With automated sales and stock data collection, the workforce can run after what really matters, in this case, more in-store data collection to create viable visit reports. With Repzone, field teams can take quick action with the needs of each buyer with mobile CRM capabilities, offer promotions, take photos of the stores to have a better insight, and perform quick surveys on each store’s status. The best part is, the whole operation works on the same platform to build a seamless experience.

Automated Sales & Stocks Data

One of the biggest problems in merchandising is staying up to date with the stock information of each store. With Repzone, you can gather stock and sales data at an instant with automated Global POS data collection, and the best part is, nobody has to add the job to their workflows! The same process can be integrated into invoices & payments operations to reach an even more seamless sales experience.


Real-Time Retail Auditing

Repzone works both ways, so your customers can take advantage of live data transfer capabilities of the platform. All you need to do is to assign simple tasks to retailers about the information you need, and the rest is on the buyers’ hands!

Monitor Merchandiser Activity with Live Tracking

The cloud-based, omnichannel nature of Repzone lets team managers track the attendances of each representative with GPS tracking. In the long run, the ability to track merchandisers leads to better compliance reports and performance analysis. The GPS integration also works with better route management, so nobody spends extra time on the road.

Take Advantage of Detailed Reports

Fueled with data on both the buyer and representative front, Repzone brings out detailed reports about field staff, remote staff, and buyers. Team managers can add more steps into the data collection process to evaluate teams and processes on a better scale!

Try Repzone Now and See the Difference 

We are in a time when it is too late and time-consuming to operate a B2B operation the old way. Join Repzone’s end-to-end B2B commerce experience with a demo and see the difference for yourself. Discover what more Repzone offers on our website.


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