Aim Higher and Grow with Data Collection: Here’s How

Aim Higher and Grow with Data Collection: Here’s How

Data collection has been one of the most popular terms in business execution for more than a decade, and its popularity is only rising. It’s no secret that data collection and analysis powers growth, and when it’s done right, the numbers can skyrocket. According to McKinsey’s report, 53% of high-performing businesses stated that they fully invest in data collection and analysis*. 

Source: McKinsey&Company*

McKinsey&Company’s report on the essentiality of data collection explains the process in four main steps, looking at the image above, you can see how it takes the game of sales on an upper level, and with Repzone, you can simplify the process even further with AI-based automation and analysis tools. In this article, we are going to share some insights and tips into the right way to collect, analyze and report data based on research and surveys.

The Unbreakable Bond Between Lead Generation and Data

The perfect lead generation scenario of today requires a sales and marketing collaboration. Of course, in today’s digital world, there are many ways to collect new data to generate more leads, but analyzing what you have is still the most beneficial way to go. 

Sales processes have many steps

Everyone’s talking about the value of data, but the treatment of the data is as essential as mining it. In a sales process, there are many steps, and every step can bring out another useful data that can turn into gold in the long run. Using a customer data processing tool that gives you the ability to see sales as a complex but unified operation can save you from a lot of time and workforce. Here at Repzone, we designed our end-to-end commerce platform with experienced sales experts that have the grasp of sales as a whole, so our customers don’t miss any steps.

Data Analysis Can Create On-Point Offers

We mentioned why it matters to use every bit of data from every part of the sales process above, and one of the most advantageous outcomes of it is creating personalized deals for each customer based on their buying process. According to a Salesforce report, 72% of B2B customers expect a deep understanding of their needs, reflected through personalized experiences**. With Repzone, you can have a healthy understanding of each of your customers’ needs and follow the right approach with a personalized language.

Know Your Competition

Data collection doesn’t end with customer data. Yes, analyzing customer data the right way opens lots of new paths for businesses and increases sales performance, but if there is one thing that customers consider before making a decision, it’s your competitors’ offers. Although it is not a hundred percent possible to know what your competition offers, with dynamic competitor tracking, you can get a hold of the picture, and in the long run, their pricing patterns, too. With Repzone, you can track your competitors on various levels to lead the game. 


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