Data-Driven B2B E-Commerce and the Huge Impact It Makes

Data-Driven B2B E-Commerce and the Huge Impact It Makes

It’s 2021 and, with the pandemic still going on, it has become mandatory for the whole globe to go digital, and so the line between the execution of commerce and e-commerce is more obscure than ever. The majority of B2B sales operations have shifted to the virtual world, and nobody thinks the post-pandemic world will be any different. 

When we’re talking about the digital world, the first word that comes to mind is ‘data’. This has become easier than ever to collect, but due to the ever-increasing volume of data, it has become more challenging to analyse. Here at Repzone, we are aware of the essential nature of data collection and analysis so we have built our end-to-end omnichannel B2B ecommerce platform to take advantage of data at every level. In this article, we are going to share the difference it makes to take a data-driven approach in B2B ecommerce in four main steps.

Evaluate Your Teams with Activity Data

Managing sales calls, tracking rep’s sales processes, and knowing their locations gives managers a clear insight into team management tactics, but the main challenge is motivating representatives to take part in the process. According to Gartner’s report, sales reps are considered to have one of the worst data proficiencies, totalling only 43%: the lowest in a workforce operation.* With Repzone, the problem can be eliminated in an instant, since every step of the sales funnel requires new data entry from the reps.

Streamline Sales, Stocks, and Deliveries in the Same Place

Another effective outcome of data-driven B2B e-commerce approach is that nobody has to deal with order and inventory tracking and, if you’re on the right track, even order deliveries can be streamlined. One of the biggest powers fuelling this automation is POS data collection, and it literally does all of this for you. Using an end-to-end tool is a must to achieve better results, and Repzone offers all of this and more!

Better Promotions with a KYC Approach

Knowing the exact needs of your customers and their businesses has once again become one of the most important elements of B2B sales. One of the most famous visionaries of today, Elon Musk, shares his thoughts on the customer-centric approach with the following: 

“I think it’s important to take feedback from your environment. You want to be as closed-loop as possible. If we hadn’t responded to what people said, then we’d probably not have been successful.”


According to McKinsey, the secret ingredient to making it in the digital sales world is the human touch, and, here, data is your hero.** With analysed sales-process data, you can get the measure of each customer and their needs, and even classify buyers according to their industries for future strategies.

On-Point Marketing Strategies

The perfect partners in a sales process, marketing and sales, are becoming more and more connected and, according to Gartner, 25% of organizations will integrate marketing, sales and customer experience by 2025. So, why not join the future today? With an end-to-end, data-driven sales approach, the latest outcomes become the perfect food for your marketing strategies. All you have to do is use the Repzone End-To-End B2B Commerce Platform and follow a couple of simple rules. See how the merging of marketing and sales affects businesses in our previous blog post.


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