End-to-End Omnichannel B2B Commerce Platforms’ Impact on Sales

End-to-End Omnichannel B2B Commerce Platforms’ Impact on Sales

Every step of doing business is in a constant transformation, and managing the B2B (Business to Business) sales process is no exception. Like many other scenarios, technology and smart software are the key factors of this transformation.

For a decade, B2B commerce and ecommerce platforms, salesforce software, and more solutions have been entering the equation of complex sales procedures. Although there are many products that focus on easing and managing different tasks, the latest technology can eliminate relying on more than one tool. The newcomer to the industry, End-to-End B2B Commerce Platforms, are so capable of handling the whole process that it has become otiose to use anything else. In this article, we are going to tell you why an end-to-end, omnichannel B2B commerce platform is enough to transform your sales experience.

What is an “End-to-End” B2B Commerce Platform, Exactly?

Thanks to the advancement in software technology, the whole sales process can be designed, tracked, and reported with only one platform, which we call an End-to-End B2B Commerce Platform. In our case, we have designed our platform with the expertise of a decade of sales experience, and we have included every step of the sales process in the software.

Our platform’s users state that using an omnichannel, end-to-end B2B commerce platform has increased their visit efficiency by 29%, order & sales efficiency by 19%, and representative productivity by 25%. It has also a great impact on the stock management front with a 25% rise in stock efficiency and a 16% rise in shipment efficiency!

With Repzone, you can manage even the smallest detail of the sales procedure. Here’s just the ti-p of the iceberg of what you can do with our Omnichannel, End-to-End B2B Commerce Platform in five main categories:

Team Management
Team management is one of the most essential features of B2B commerce platforms, but in most cases, the software cannot meet the demand of needs today. An end-to-end team management process includes setting up meetings and efficient routes, attendance tracking, GPS tracking if needed, leave management, and sending automated messages & notifications to customers and team leaders. With such detailed team management features, you can manage every part of your sales teams to maximize productivity.


Retail Execution
Team management and retail execution go hand in hand for many steps of the procedure, and using an end-to-end, omnichannel software saves teams a lot of time, effort, and money. With Repzone, you build on what you have set up with team management features with our retail execution features. Omnichannel software keeps team members stay up to date on their mobile devices and takes advantage of the retail features under any circumstance.

Repzone’s retail execution features include live feeds, route management, photo & video integration, interactive forms, email integration and much more!

Sales Force Automation
By now, everyone in the industry is aware of the fact that sales force automation is not what it used to be—the basics cannot meet the demands of today’s large-scale teams. An end-to-end experience must include mail orders, dynamic competitor reports, up-to-date stock information, catalogs, order management, personalized promotions, shipment tracking, and, of course, a data-centric business information panel. Surely, when we are talking about an end-to-end platform, we need to consider that all the SFA features need to work in harmony with each other, eliminating the need for any other software.

Mobile CRM
If we are talking about an omnichannel B2B commerce platform, mobile integration is a must-have. The ability to perform every task on a mobile device is a huge convenience in many scenarios. Since sales teams are the most mobile workforce in companies, mobile CRM solves many problems at once: the need for real-time updates, calendar integration, notifications, access to customer and stock info, and even catalogues and photo or video galleries. In short, mobile CRM eliminates what may be the biggest problem; being tied to a particular device.
Global POS Data Collection
In the past decade, the leading force of the world has become data, both on macro and micro levels and, for businesses, data collection has become more and more essential every day. Today, many businesses use third-party data collection and analysis software, many of which can’t integrate with their commerce platforms. Using an end-to-end B2B commerce platform should solve yet another problem in the most inclusive way possible: the problem of data integration. With the right software, companies can power the whole sales process with the capabilities of POS data collection. Here at Repzone, we have all the solutions you need with reporting tools and third-party integration.

Rising Competition in Sales Requires an Omnichannel, End-to-End Sales Management Experience

The ability to use a platform on any device and at any given time is essential, especially in modern times where mobile usage is growing exponentially. We have explained why it is essential to keep up with the needs of the times and handling the whole process on the same platform obviously comes with great conveniences. Our B2B Commerce Platform handles every task your business needs on the same platform. Although it is unlikely to be needed, Repzone allows third-party integration so you can have all your information and management procedures on the same platform without any disturbances. To find out what it can do, get a demo, and see for yourself!

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