ERP, CRM, SFA or B2B Commerce Platform—What Is Repzone, Really?

ERP, CRM, SFA or B2B Commerce Platform—What Is Repzone, Really?

ERP, CRM, SFA or B2B Commerce Platform—What Is Repzone, Really?

The average person with an average smartphone stores 80 mobile apps, %70 of which they don’t even use. It’s a digital and full-of-conveniences world that we live in, but at the same time, it’s turning into a tech chaos as we get more options. We think everybody can relate to the digital mass of daily life, but it’s no different in the workplace. Every day, there is a new tech that’s incredibly reasonable to use on paper, but doesn’t really fit into the workflow in practice. The tech-dependent pandemic showed us that sales teams cannot go anywhere near their potentials without adding yet another software to workflows. As CRM, ERP, SFA, and more three-letter abbreviations are joining the process, you may find yourself in a digital mess, and we think we have the solution: one platform that includes all!

Meet Repzone, An End-to-End B2B Sales Platform That Has Too Many Skills

Repzone is an AI-based end-to-end B2B commerce platform that works on any device you need. We designed the platform to meet every demand of any type of sales teams from SMBs to industry-leading giants like Johnson & Johnson, British American Tobacco, Henkel, Danone, and more.

So, what can you do with Repzone, and what is it exactly?
To make things clearer, you can think of Repzone as an SFA of the future. It includes its own advanced CRM panel, and if you need, you can integrate many of the most popular third-party sales tools into Repzone’s AI-based commerce platform. In the end, Repzone is an all-in-one commerce automation & management tool that saves you a lot of time and budget. Plus, since Repzone offers a unified sales operation, you can forget about one of the biggest problems in sales teams: miscommunication.

Control the Whole Process with Repzone

Repzone handles the whole sales process & more! As you already know, the sales process is a loop that has many steps, including visit scheduling, route management, leave management, stock management, live representative tracking, order & delivery management, promotion management, competitor monitoring, and more! On top of sales process management, Repzone creates detailed reports and analyses at the end of each operation, so you can step into the world of big data with the most beneficial key factors. In the end, Repzone lets your business have a standardized sales process, which according to Harvard Business Review, increases revenue by as high as 28% compared to businesses that follow an old-fashioned workflow*. If you are already using an ERP, CRM or SFA software, you can easily integrate all the data to Repzone’s all-in-one platform to reach your sales operation to the top of its potential.

To see what more you can do with Repzone, you can read our blog post or visit our web page.

*Companies with a Formal Sales Process Generate More Revenue (




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