Four Reasons Why Omnichannel Retail Execution is the Best Way to Go

Four Reasons Why Omnichannel Retail Execution is the Best Way to Go

Retail execution, like everything else, is being transformed by the new tools of technology, and that’s great. Today, there are more tools than ever for managing a retail operation, but according to industry experts the most reasonable route is to use one tool that handles all and works on every channel. Quri’s research shows that as much as 25 percent of retail sales are lost due to poor retail execution practices.* Hey, don’t worry; our end-to-end omnichannel B2B commerce platform handles it all, and already has the best practices from industry-leading companies, like Henkel and British American Tobacco, embedded. Here are four reasons why omnichannel retail execution is the best way to go.

Data Sharing Across All Levels

Everybody’s all about data nowadays, and they are right. Data collection and analysis makes everything move a lot smoother. In omnichannel retail execution, data is even more valuable, but the best thing is that the strategy lets businesses collect it without any trouble. While using Repzone, your reps collect data at every step of the sales process, and since it is just one-platform-that-handles-all, no data is useless in the next level. In the end, sales and customer data can be analyzed to track everything on the same platform and create the best practices for each customer.

Promotion Compliance

Using a commerce platform available on every device means that you and your reps can carry everything with you at all times. One of the best use cases of this mobile flexibility is that you can always see the details of your promotions with up-to-date stock and compatibility information, show promotions and catalogues on sales calls through photos and videos, and input buyer feedback to review promotions later. 


Dynamic Surveys and Monthly Contests 

Another brilliant use case of an omnichannel commerce tool that fulfils the desire of every business for greater insight into customers is being able to perform dynamic surveys. With Repzone, you can assign surveys both to your customers and to your sales representatives on a regular basis. Your reps can perform surveys via mobile devices even on sales calls, and the data is collated to be analyzed on-location. In the end, businesses can increase their customer satisfaction score and give better feedback to reps.

The same rules apply to your reps. Since every process of each representative is on Repzone, you can automatically organize monthly contests with activity visuals that can be collected according to the criteria you will determine.


Merchandising and Store Audits

With a 360° commerce tool, you can always have an opinion on the inventory status. Better than that, you can check the signage, shelves, and planogram by performing store inspections via video through the photo capabilities of an omnichannel platform.

Let Repzone Do It All for You

The Repzone omnichannel B2B sales platform offers all of the conveniences and advantages of going omnichannel. Since it handles the whole process, you don’t need to use any other tool, but if you really wanted to it is compatible with the majority of the best commerce tools. See what you can do with Repzone, and join the future of retail execution!



*How Better Communication Between Retailers And Vendors Can Improve In-Store Execution And Help Everybody Make Money (

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