How AI Helps Transform the Sales Departments

How AI Helps Transform the Sales Departments

The oldest branch in every company, sales, has been going through the most impactful transformation in its history, and AI technologies is the main force behind this revolution. For a decade, Artificial Intelligence has become an essential part of human life; wherever there is technology, there is AI, and it’s handling repetitive, mundane, and monotonous tasks for us with perfection, and its impact on B2B sales is no exception. We designed Repzone’s end-to-end B2B Commerce Platform with the latest, interactive AI features, so it can be a standalone assistant to every sales team.

The Long-Waited Merger of Marketing and Sales is Finally Happening

Although the ideal scenario for a business would be the smooth collaboration of marketing and sales departments, they had been in a competition for centuries. The good news is, the ideal conditions are finally here thanks to AI. AI-based sales platforms make businesses able to track, analyze, and report every step of the sales history and global POS data. At the end of the day, the main department that benefits from the outcomes of the valuable data is marketing as much as sales. 


Source: Business2Community*

At the chart above, you can see how the sales procedures have evolved in only a few years. Today, the marketing teams handle more of the process, but still, it is essential to include the human touch of sales teams to win the game. According to Hubspot, 54% of all sales complete with face to face human interactions in small and medium sized businesses. When it comes big scale companies, the number rises as high as 71%**

In conclusion, the responsibility of generating new leads has shifted almost completely to marketing departments, and in order to reach even better outcomes, the desirable business model is undoubtedly a collaboration between sales and marketing. 


AI Increases Lead Generation by 50%

Since the industrial revolution, the “human” factor has been increasingly becoming more and more essential in business operations. The digital revolution and the emergence of artificial intelligence has proven the importance of human touch once more. Thanks to AI, time consuming tasks can be handled by smart softwares, leaving the workforce more time to bring out their communicative skills and creativity. Compared to a decade ago, today, more work can be done with less workforce, and the outcomes are better on both ends. According to experts, AI can handle more than half of a sales process without the need of a human***, but of course this doesn’t mean that qualified workforce has become otiose.

Thanks to AI, finding new leads becomes an automated process. With CDP and CRM platforms, companies have seen a huge impact on their lead generation rates, and with CRM and CDP-integrated end-to-end commerce platforms, the impact is definitely bigger. According to McKinsey’s survey, AI-based sales platforms increase lead generation by 50%****, and this is only the beginning. 

How Does Big Scale Data Analysis Evolve Sales?

End-to-end data analysis opens new windows for businesses to have beneficial insights into representative performance, live stock and inventory data, and of course, customer behavior with specific metrics. Garner’s survey on AI reveals that 61% organizations that are piloting or deploying AI technologies reported the resulting value delivered to the organization as significant*****. Repzone’s AI-based end-to-end sales platform is built on top of a powerful data analysis core. To see how an end-to-end sales experience evolves a business, you can order a demo by filling the form below and have a peek into the future.



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