New-Age B2B Sales Strategies That Make You Win

New-Age B2B Sales Strategies That Make You Win

B2B sales have never been a walk in the park, but buyers having the tools to find the best offers has made the process even more challenging. Like everything else, the digital age has created a new type of buyer, and the best way to respond to this is to give them a taste of their own medicine. In this article, we are going to share three proven new-age B2B sales strategies that both salespeople and buyers love.


Know Your Customer with a Customer-Centric Approach

As automation is becoming a bigger part of sales everyday, the first rule of sales is taking a valuable place in the process of the sales funnel. Customers today want to be understood, and they want salespeople to be interested in them. So, instead of rushing sales calls one after the other, pre-researching the customer will definitely give you the upper hand. Another essential tip for the customer-centric approach is to listen to the buyer, instead of attacking them with offer after offer.  Although it may seem more time-consuming than your regular plan, the outcomes of this sympathetic model are worth it. 


The first pro of the customer-centric approach is ensuring buyers remember your business, which leads to the best marketing tactic: word-of-mouth! Another important outcome is the valuable data that everyone’s after. Even if your target customer doesn’t become your lead in the first round, the data you gather about them will take you to a place where they come to you in the end. See how data is transforming B2B sales in our previous blog post.

Employ Artificial Intelligence in the Process

AI is changing the way almost every business works, and B2B sales is one of the top branches that can take advantage of this new-age employee. According to Gartner, 30% of B2B sales companies have incorporated artificial intelligence into their sales processes now.* Although this seems low, Gartner predicts an almost fully-digital sales process by 2025, stating that 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur through digital channels, and we’re here to help!**

Here at Repzone, we offer more than undertaking one or two tasks of the sales process. Our AI-based B2B end-to-end commerce platform takes advantage of artificial intelligence at every step, and the best part is that it’s getting better every day! See how AI affects B2B sales in our previous blog post.

Collaborate with Marketing: Social Media, Content & More

Today’s ideal sales funnel doesn’t belong to the sales team alone. Instead, marketing has become more important than ever in terms of finding new leads and creating a reputation. For B2B companies, content plays a huge role in the lead hunt. Building a unified marketing operation with content and social media channels in the center will definitely lure fresh customers to your business. 

According to Hubspot, 71% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic search, and 96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders.***

So, farming potential buyers from LinkedIn posts makes total sense for a new-age operation. The second step in a healthy content marketing strategy is analyzing social media data. The modern buyer loves interacting over social media, and keeping track of your inbox data can lead to finding the perfect message for your next sales strategy.

Get Ready for the Future with Repzone!

B2B sales has already proven that it’s only going to get more digital from now on. Every day, sales teams are coming across new B2B sales tools to streamline their operations. However, in reality, more tools leads to more chaos. Get the Repzone End-to-End, Omnichannel Commerce Platform, and eliminate everything else. Visit our website to see what we offer.


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