The Perfect Merger: 3 Tips to Unite Marketing and Sales

The Perfect Merger: 3 Tips to Unite Marketing and Sales

B2B sales has always had a close relationship with marketing, but as the digital transformation carries offices and teams into a new quick-moving state, the link between the two vital departments of the sales operation has become more solid. According to Aberdeen Group research, sales and marketing have reached a point where they have no chance but to join powers. The research shows that 47% of the forecasted sales pipeline is generated by marketing, and the effect of marketing in the sales process is only growing, taking sales teams into a more comfortable and creative position.* Yes, the role of marketing teams may become increasingly essential for the perfect sales scenario, but in B2B sales, sales representatives will always be the ones to close the deal. So, in a world that’s relying more and more on digital technologies everyday, what can B2B sales and marketing teams do to work in perfect harmony?

Data, Data, Data

When we think about digitalization, we imagine codes and apps streamlining the process, but if we need to simplify it, it automates processes and data is the main fuel that powers it. In the perfect sales operation scenario, sales and marketing teams need to feed each other all possible information. Although this looks easy on paper, a digital tool that can process all the data from every step of the process makes things a lot easier. Here at Repzone, we know every step matters, so we designed our end-to-end B2B commerce platform accordingly. See how data collection affects sales processes in our previous blog post.

Streamline the Process Back to Back

With Repzone, you can streamline the whole sales process. At each step of the process, you can feed the software with viable data, later to be used by the marketing team. Of course, it is not only the sales teams’ responsibility to find data: the same rules apply to the marketing team. The customer data analysis from the marketing team needs to be used to build the perfect sales strategy. In short, data sharing is essential in both directions, and we are here to help!

A Unified Operation Demands Equal Circumstances

Data collection and sharing may be one of the most essential elements of increasing sales, but in the end it all comes down to having a unified team. Everybody knows that commissions are the main force powering sales representatives, but on the marketing front there usually is no prize to encourage collaboration. Yes, it is a challenging task to evaluate the marketing teams' work to offer a prize, but there are still many ways to enhance the teams’ motivation to work with sales in perfect harmony.




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