The Value of Global POS Data Collection During the Pandemic

The Value of Global POS Data Collection During the Pandemic

How Global POS Data Collection Can Help B2B Sales

Although the vaccination rates are rising, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still here, and they are not likely to go anywhere in the foreseeable future as far as the workplace is concerned. Thankfully, the whole globe has adapted to the new mode of working quickly, but there are still many advantages of this new-age, digital-oriented working process to be taken advantage of, and using global POS data is top of this list, especially for B2B sales.

What is Global POS Data?

With the advancements in technology nowadays, everything is becoming analyzable, and POS data is especially important as it holds very valuable information about many aspects of the sales process. Global POS data includes sales data from all global sales networks on many levels, like units sold, the cost and the profit of a unit, colors, styles, sizes, and more. As a matter of fact, it involves a huge amount of data to be analyzed, and that’s where a powerful B2B commerce platform by Repzone comes into the picture.

The Advantages of Global POS Data Collection & Analysis

Manage Your Whole Sales Network Better

Global POS data holds the most valuable information to be processed and analyzed, and the best part is that it is automatically collected and updated. With the right analytical approach, global POS data collection can help develop valuable strategies concerning order cancellations, future orders, and better offers for wholesalers and retailers. 

Gartner’s report on the importance of POS data collection states that POS solutions have become an anchor for unified commerce platforms. In addition to the expected function of completing sales or returns transactions, these solutions are now centralized to facilitate key unified commerce activities.*

During the course of the pandemic, we have seen that managing orders while taking into account quickly-changing demands is one of the most challenging operations in B2B sales, and global POS data analysis seems to be the best answer.

Know Your Customers

Another advantage of working with POS data is that it opens a door to knowing your customers better. Although a big part of the process has become digital, human interaction between reps and customers is still in the top place in terms of priorities before making a decision. Now, with a simple analysis of each buyer’s POS data, you can know how things are going for your customer’s business and act accordingly.


Use Repzone for a Streamlined POS Data Collection & Analysis

The Repzone End-to-End B2B Sales Platform has been designed to take advantage of the valuable global POS data from every angle possible. The best feature of our POS data collection system is that it translates all of the data into its own analytical language. This creates the most useful insights into stock, order and client management attainable, to consolidate reps in the most effective way possible. Our client, Henkel, an industry-leading company with a massive operation in the region, uses POS data collection to streamline their orders, track their client inventories and more! Learn more about global POS data collection by visiting our page.



* Gartner Predicts Top 10 Global Retailers Will Use Real-Time In-Store Pricing by 2025


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