What is Sales Force Automation?

What is Sales Force Automation?

Sales Force Automation, or SFA in short, one of the most popular technologies to automate workflows of sales teams, is getting into a more and more complex status as new technologies and integrations emerge. In 2021, when we think about SFA, lead & customer management, task management, field management, data-driven sales streamlining are the main elements that come to mind. But since SFA is getting a broader meaning every day, it can be  interpreted in many ways for various types of business, but if there is one thing in common with the concept of Sales Force Automation, it is the move forward of digital and Artificial Intelligence technologies—more or less.


Here’s our SFA vision in three main steps:

CRM, Redesigned

Customer Relationship Management tools have been the number one helpers of sales teams for almost a decade, and they still are great tools to streamline the leads, customers, sales, and team management. An integrated CRM process into the whole sales process is essential, and in today’s mobile world, the omnichannel approach is the best way to go. Our platform lets you see the leads & customer lists with detailed information to be processed into insightful reports, manage the workflows of each team member, and most importantly, reach the platform from any device to update customer data & inform customers. All of the data that’s put into the customer relationship management capabilities of Repzone is integrated into the later steps of the sales process, so you don’t need to invest in any other tool or software.

Field Team Management with Omnichannel Approach

Even though we are going through a pandemic that’s transformed workflows on every level, field teams are still the key elements of a prosperous sales organization. Thankfully, the numbers show us that things will be back to normal within a year, and getting ready for the next phase of field management with the digital touch will undoubtedly get businesses one step ahead in the competition. Repzone’s omnichannel Sales Force Automation approach puts mobility in the center with its field management capabilities. With Repzone, you can manage your sales teams’ schedules, meetings & calls, use route planner, track representatives via GPS for increased visit efficiency, upload catalogues and promotions to mobile CRM and perform quick presentations and surveys to your customers on sales calls.

Data Collection from Every Angle Possible

Data is the main element that fuels a digital SFA approach, the more you collect, the better results you get in your digitized sales approach. The whole CRM process of Repzone, as we mentioned above, is built to collect more viable customer and representative data for better analysis and reporting. On top of that, we have automated data collection methods such as global POS data collection, that lets you access the data of your entire sales network located in different regions and geographies. With global POS data collection, you can centrally analyze and get insightful reports of your status in all channels by transferring your stock and sales data from distributors, chain stores, marketplaces and 3rd party platforms, so you are always one step ahead in terms of meeting the demands of your buyers. 


In short, Repzone offers much more than the classic SFA tool, because the sales process happens in many levels of the operation. Request a demo through the button below, and see how Repzone handles the sales process from start to finish.

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